If you use keyboard more than mouse, here is a good news for you. YouTube also provide keyboard shortcuts that can be used to control YouTube videos.

Note: If these shortcut doesn’t work make sure YouTube video and window is active. To make a YouTube video active click inside the video. Switching between windows, changing tabs in your browser or performing other task like making a comment will dis-select the video.


Play, Pause a video

Pressing the Spacebar or the K key on your keyboard will Play and Pause the currently playing video. If you want to play the video in slow-motion keep holding down either of these keys will do this for you.


Fast forward or Rewind a video

Pressing Left or Right arrow keys once will fast forward or rewind the video for five seconds. If you Hold down the Ctrl key and press any of these keys will fast forward or rewind the video for 10 seconds.

Pressing the number keys from 1 to 9 jumps to that percentage of the video. 1 jumps to 10%, 2 jumps to 20%, 3 jumps to 30%, etc.


Jump to Start or End of a Video

Pressing the 0 (zero) or home key will jump straight to the beginning of the currently playing video, and pressing the end key on your keyboard will jump straight to the end of the video.


Increasing or Decreasing the Volume

If you want to increase the volume of a YouTube video press the Up arrow key, and to decrease the volume press the Down arrow key. If you are decreasing the volume and continue to hold the Down arrow key will mute the volume.

You can also press the m key on the keyboard to mute or mute on the volume.


Make the video full-screen

Pressing the f key on your keyboard switches the video between full-screen mode and normal mode. Esc key can also be used to exit the full-screen mode.


These were some of the keyboard shortcuts you can use to control a YouTube video through your keyboard. I hope you find this article help. Thank you for reading


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