Shutdown Your Computer Without Updating Windows 10

Windows 10 updating in the background is OK but forcing you to update while shutdown is too much. I agree most of you don't have the time to wait for this unexpected process. In this article we will learn how to shut down without updating. There are three methods to escape updates and shutdown. 1. Using Command Prompt We will shutdown computer using...

How To Fix IDM Extension On Opera Browser

If you are having problem integrating IDM (internet download manager) into opera browser, don't worry the solution is here. In this article we will integrate IDM into opera manually because IDM extension is not integrated into opera browser by default. To do that follow the steps given bellow 1. Open Opera browser and click on Opera Menu button and than...

How to hide Your Instagram account from people in your contacts

If you want your Instagram account private and don't want to show it in suggestions to people in your contacts. Don't give permission to Instagram to see your contacts. But in case you have already done that by mistake don't worry you can disable it. Follow steps given below 1) Go to your Mobile Settings 2) Now tap on Apps 3) In your app...

How to bring back Google’s View Image button to Search Result

google view image button 01
If you are using Google to search images you might notice that Google deliberately removed 'View Image' button from search results. In this how you will learn how to get it back. Why Google removed it? The reason that causes Google to remove it is the protests from Photographers and Publishers. Google got criticized from Getty Images, because the images...

How to Disable Instagram’s New Last Active Feature

Intagram recently introduced a Activity Status Feature. Anyone you have DM in the past can now easily see when you last used the app. Here's How to turn off this feature. The new activity status feature, which is enabled by default and shows up in Instagram direct messages underneath the usernames you recently chatted with. Also now you will see "Seen"...

8 Basic iOS tricks every iPhone user should know

iphone tricks
Here the 8 handy shortcut methods to make it super easy to use basic iOS features like taking screenshot, unfreezing the phone, silencing the call ringer, typing in all-caps, undo the last change etc. 1. Take a screenshot To quickly snap a photo of whatever is on your iPhone's (or iPad's) screen, just press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the...

How to show My Computer icon on desktop in windows 10

show my computer icon on desktop in windows 10
Before Windows 8 when we install a refresh windows on our system, it create "My Computer" shortcut icon on our Desktop automatically. But in the latest versions of Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 It is not created automatically so we have to create "My Computer" shortcut on Desktop manually. Today we are going to learn about How to make...

How to create a bootable Windows 8.1 USB Drive

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Bootable USB drive for windows 8.1 or other versions using a software called Rufus. The process for making bootable windows USB is very easy just follow a couple of steps. Requirements: * 8 GB or Larger USB Drive * Windows 8.1 ISO file * Rufus (software) * A device that is running Windows To Make...

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