Intagram recently introduced a Activity Status Feature. Anyone you have DM in the past can now easily see when you last used the app. Here’s How to turn off this feature.

The new activity status feature, which is enabled by default and shows up in Instagram direct messages underneath the usernames you recently chatted with.

Also now you will see “Seen” and “Typing…” underneath messages.

Your active status isn’t visible to everyone. Only people you direct message and follow will see when you were last active in Instagram. If you have a public account, and someone who doesn’t follow you sends you a DM, they won’t be able to see your active status.


This new feature is a part of Instagrams’ latest update for iOS and Android.

But don’t worry you can turn this feature off.

1. Tap the Profile icon located in the bottom right corner.
2. Now tap on app’s settings menu.
3. Scroll down until you see “Show Activity Status” and toggle this option off.




Now people will no longer see when you were last active in Instagram but also you won’t be able to see anyone else’s either.


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