The phrase ‘popup’ is a bit of an understated term given the manipulative form of today’s invasive adverts. Yes, they pop up. But they also pop under, hide themselves off screen until you least expect them, leap up as new browser tabs and, most gallingly, shout annoying things at you until you seek them out and shut them down. Nobody wants to have to deal with a pop-up.

1. Poper Blocker

Available as an extension for Google Chrome. Designed specifically with the web’s most pop-up filled sites in mind, Poper Blocker does a great job at quashing the majority of Pop-ups, Pop-unders, unwanted new tabs, and even those supremely-irritating site overlay layers.

Poper Blocker


2. AdwCleaner

We recommend this popup blocker not necessarily because of its capabilities at protecting your browser – although it does a brilliant job at squashing home page hijacks and removing toolbars – but because of its ability to clean up undesirable software that you might not even realise is there. I you have ever had a mysterious pop-up outside of your browser, or a cryptic (or simply bothersome) system message, there’s probably some kind of malware present. That’s no just bad from an irritation standpoint; you never know what data it’s collecting about you. So we recommend regularly fire up AdwCleaner.



3. Noscript Security Suite

An extension mad specifically for Firefox browser ( and with functional equivalents such as ScriptSafe available for Google Chrome) Noscript Security Suite isn’t what you’d traditionally think of as a pop-up blocker actually it doesn’t, technically, block pop-ups at all. It offers you fine control over the JavaScript items that are allowed to run in your browser, meaning the sneaky scripts, which manage to weeasel their way past Firefox’s built-in pop-up blocker won’t get a chance to run. It also helps block advertising and malware annoyances that use Flash and other plugins.

Noscript Security Suite


4. Goodblock

Goodblock will keep the worst Chrome pop-ups at bay, block advertisements on websites unless you use its quick menu to whitelist them, and helps stop you being from tracked as you browse around the web. It’ll also er, show you its own ads.

Goodblock adblocker


5. Adguard Adblocker

Aduard’s user base isn’t that large but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do the job well. It definitely has the most extensive support for all the browsers. What makes this software is the ability of blocking of interstitial ads – commonly seen on larger websites.

adguard adblocker


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