In this article I’m going to show you the way to exclude a specific folder from the avast active shield to scan. This issue occurred when I was practicing my C++ programs and whenever I open a C++ file in the console avast shows popup with a ting voice and start scanning my program, that was so annoying so I thought there should be a way to stop this. I found a method and now also sharing with you. I hope this help you too.

  1. Open you Avast Antivirus and then click on Menu
  2. Then click on Settings
  3. Now click on General Tab to select it if not already selected. Then click on Exceptions
  4. Then click Add exception.
  5. You can add an exception in two ways: 1) Enter the path of a your desired file/folder or URL into the text box, then click Add exception. 2) or click on Brows button, this will show a popup where you can select your desired and then click OK.
  6. Now you will see your desired folder is added to the list, and you can edit or delete it from the exception.


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