There are many SmartPhones coming in the upcoming months with unique features and specifications. We have covered 5 SmartPhones which has some incredible features. Here is the list of Top 5 Smartphones coming in 2018/2019

Samsung Galaxy S10

I’ve been looking forward to this phone well before the note 9 came. Here are the main points it’s larger display with no notch but instead this little camera cutout they call infinity oh the new Exynos 98 22 which will bring no end of improvements not just to performance and graphics but also the camera and it’s slow-motion capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S10_2

I’m also really hoping for a night mode because if you could combine something like that with Samsung’s already pretty good variable aperture you could have night photos that even leapfrog the pixel three as long as they’re generous with the battery capacity I think it may well be the phone to go for in the first half of 2019 okay so those are five really exciting SmartPhones to look forward to in 2019 and of course I didn’t manage to include all of them in this video so if you do want to see a follow up let me know in the comments down below as always.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

Which is exciting for a lot of reasons and just to start with were likely to see a lot of the features that we saw on the meet 20 pros so that stuff like Wireless reverse charging 40 watt super charging and the ultra wide camera lens and according to European boss Walter G we will definitely see more innovation in the camera and now we have three imagine four for next year he goes on to talk about why you might want this and he kind of implies that the company isn’t happy with the current limit of five times lossless zoom and that they can aim for. the only potential downside is that the phone will be powered by the Keyring at 980 which is very specialized for AI based tasks but in terms of raw CPU and GPU power looks like it’s going to fall behind the Qualcomm and Exynos equivalents also probably no 5g because this isn’t already built into the chip and as it is Huawei is having a pretty tough time selling to US markets and the u.s. is one of the few areas that will start to get some sort of 5g coverage in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy flex

Samsung Galaxy flex

It’s official Samsung’s fold-able phone is very much on the way out. In the most recent Developers Conference we got our closest look yet what you’re seeing is likely a prototype of this phone tablet hybrid but hidden in this chunky protective case so you can’t see the specifics. it’s got one big bold display on the inside but also a single smaller display which can be used one close I don’t think it’s something that I would use daily just because having a foldable phone introduces a whole series of complications of its own with one main benefit being this larger display when it’s folded out which to be honest I’m not even sure I’d use very much even for videos because they’ll probably drain your battery twice as fast but this is exciting for a different reason it’s something new we’re entering uncharted territory here you could have two people watching two different videos at the same time or one half of the screen playing a game while another has a video walk-through pulled up no doubt even better multitasking abilities and I’m sure a whole bunch of stuff that we weren’t expecting.



This phone doesn’t need much of an introduction or even an explanation, the f1 was a category defining smartphone offering the same performance of $1,000 phones at a price of barely three hundred dollars. The expected price of the f2 would drift closer to the 400 mark but if we are looking at a snapdragon 855 with eight gigabytes of ram and a 4000 plus milliampere hour battery then that’s more than reasonable. This kind of power would come close to or even surpass the peak performance of the iPhone 10 s mass. Chances are that the body of the phone probably won’t change too much but there is a rumor that the company will ditch the IR face unlocking on the front so that they can trim down the size of the knotch.

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView img 2

A case leaked and various renders showcase a Penta camera. Set up five cameras just on the back of the phones we do know from the galaxy a9 that camera quantity doesn’t equate to camera quality, but we can be pretty sure it’s gonna grant flexibility options to take really wide-angle shots or maybe zoom in further than past devices also close to stock software is pretty likely and to be honest recent Nokia phones have been some of the best built products. The phone has been leaked and talked about for months already and as of now it’s got two potential release dates either February next year or December the fifth which is in two weeks.



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