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How to Turn On or Off Windows 10 Startup Sounds

To enable or disable Start up sound in windows 10 go to the sound options in Windows 10. Type sound in the Windows Search bar and then from the search results click on Sound...
battle prime ss3

10 Most Realistic Games with Awesome Graphics for Android and iOS Users

Graphics of mobile games are evolving day by day and becoming more realistic more gorgeous just like our real-life surroundings. Today we're going to see a list of the top most realistic graphics games...

Best Android Apps – January 2020

Hi friends I hope you are doing well. Welcome to the first best Android apps list of this year. 1Gallery First app on our list is 1gallery, this one is from the developers that made Today...

8 New Really Cool Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 got some big updates in the past few months. Updates that have brought some really interesting features. Some of these features are popular while some aren't really. Today we will talk about...

Huawei and Turk Telecom achieves a new world Record in 5G Speed

Huawei proved its technical expertise again by breaking the world record for the fastest 5G speed for a single user smartphone. The 5G Speed test was record earlier...

Stela – Launch Trailer

Stela by SkyBox Labs is a puzzle game available for Xbox One and Apple Arcade Xbox One Linkhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/stela/9n5kn782gjwx?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
huawei harmony os

Huawei Bringing Dual OS with the launch of its P40 Pro

Huawei has been through a lot this year this year has been the most toughest for them ever despite all the hardness Huawei has managed to grow considerably in the first three quarters of...
Asphalt Xtreme

10 Insane Offline Racing Games for Android

If you are a racing games fan here we have a list of some amazing racing games for your. All the games listed here are completely free and offline. I hope you would like...

Shutdown Your Computer Without Updating Windows 10

Windows 10 updating in the background is OK but forcing you to update while shutdown is too much. I agree most of you don't have the time to wait for this unexpected process. In this...
Street Fighter V

Top 10 Fighting Games to play in 2019

The good old fighting games! There’s nothing more satisfying than those fine moments when you’re finally pulling off that super advanced, nearly impossible chain combo and, oh god, it looks so good and it’s...

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