Top 20 Best Racing Games with Beautiful Graphics and Low System Requirements

Sega Rally Revo game sc
Here is my list of top 20 best racing games with beautiful graphics and low system requirements, some games are new and some are old but you will be able to run them easily on most of the old systems. I hope you will this article helpful 1. Blur Release date: May 25, 2010 Platforms: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Minimum system requirements CPU:...

10 Most Realistic Games with Awesome Graphics for Android and iOS Users

battle prime ss3
Graphics of mobile games are evolving day by day and becoming more realistic more gorgeous just like our real-life surroundings. Today we're going to see a list of the top most realistic graphics games for your mobile user. PUBG Mobile Size: 1.8 GB Internet: Online Price: Free If you have to name one mobile game in an instance the chances of PUBG Mobile coming...

Stela – Launch Trailer

Stela by SkyBox Labs is a puzzle game available for Xbox One and Apple Arcade Xbox One Link Apple Arcade Link

10 Insane Offline Racing Games for Android

Asphalt Xtreme
If you are a racing games fan here we have a list of some amazing racing games for your. All the games listed here are completely free and offline. I hope you would like it. Trial Xtreme 4 Developers: Deemedya INC Platforms: Android, iOS Size: 818 MB Price: Free Android: iOS: GT Racing 2 Developers: Gameloft Platforms: Android, iOS Size: 2800 MB Price: Free Android: iOS: Pako 2 Developers: Tree Men...

Top 10 Fighting Games to play in 2019

Street Fighter V
The good old fighting games! There’s nothing more satisfying than those fine moments when you’re finally pulling off that super advanced, nearly impossible chain combo and, oh god, it looks so good and it’s taking a ¾ of the other guy’s health bar! DAMN! This is by far one of the most intense video game genres and if you’re just...

Is Call of Duty Battle Royal Mode better than PUBG Mobile

Activision's most popular game Call Of Duty's mobile version went live with its closed beta a couple of days ago and ever since we’ve been glued to our screens playing the game. The game was available to download on the Play Store for pre-register users. Call of Duty Mobile is said to be the next replacement of PUBG Mobile...

The most Beautiful Android Games you Should Play

this war of mine
Here are my top 10 most beautiful and interesting Android games that you should definitely play. Some of them are paid where some are totally free. 1. Samorost 3 Size: 1.3 GB Installs: 100,000 Price: $4.99 Samorost 3 is most beautiful game on Android right now but you probably haven't heard of it. Most immensely detailed textures you have seen on a mobile game...

Games releasing in December 2018

just cause 4
If you are looking for release dates of games releasing in December 2018, you are in right place. We have collected all of the release dates of upcoming videos games and DLC releasing for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch in this article, so you don’t have to search the internet for it. Apparently, the biggest titles to release...

Steam Halloween Sale is live offering discounts on a variety of titles

steam halloween sale 2017
Watch for spooky discounts on frightening games and movies across the Steam catalog. Steam's Halloween Sale 2017 is finally here, cutting prices on horror games and movies. Well the deals aren't limited to horror titles only - there are plenty non-terrifying PC games and Halloween-themed items on sale as well. The amount of money you can save is almost spooky. Here...

Xbox One X Pre-Order is back in stock at Amazon

xbox one x
The xbox One X Standard Edition sold out within few days after going up for pre-orders on Amazon, but the online retailer is now showing the console is back in stock for pre-orders. If you missed your chance with the first go-around, now's your chance to try for a pre-order again. Product Highlights: Games play better on Xbox One X....

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